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Every Friday from 5-8pm ET (please check your timezone for the time and day it happens in your country) MTV has a music request livestream on their YouTube Channel, hosted by Kevan Kenney. We can request for Ateez songs to be played (currently, MTV might only have licensing to play Treasure mv, because that's all they've played so far). Thousands of people watch this livestream, so it's a great opportunity to get Ateez more exposure!

The goal each week is for Ateez to be ranked in the TOP 1-3 Most Requested Artists, because they could get interviewed by MTV.

There are 2 different phases of voting: Twitter Vote & Live Vote


Twitter Vote

The entire week before the Friday Livestream, the voting is done on Twitter.

To vote, post tweets in this exact format (copy & paste):


➔ You can write words BEFORE and/or AFTER the voting format. It's a good idea to also include #ATEEZ #에이티즈 to help increase Ateez's Brand Ranking. Example: 

Let's get #ATEEZ to Top 1 Most Requested Artist!


➔ Don't put words in between the voting format, only BEFORE or AFTER.

➔ Don't write the same text over and over, it may be counted as spam. Change up the wording with each tweet. Post as many new tweets as possible during the twitter voting period.


Live Vote

➔ Twitter Voting ends and Live Vote starts on Friday as soon as Kevan/MTV posts the livestream link.

➔ You MUST subscribe to MTV's Youtube Channel for your vote to count

➔ Voting is done in the livestream live chat

➔ To vote, type ONLY this text in the live chat:


➔ Do not write any other text. Copy & paste to make it faster. 

➔ You can usually comment 3-5x before you'll get a message that you have to wait

➔ You can vote from multiple browsers to workaround wait times

Much smaller fandoms than ours have been able to stay in Top 1-5 because they are very organized and all participate in the voting. Usually, Top1-3 Most Requested artists get interviewed by Kevan/MTV. Getting more opportunities like this is critical for Ateez, because it will show their US record label (RCA Records) that Ateez is worth promoting more. We need CONSISTENT and MEASURABLE hype in order to do this, and keeping Ateez in MTV Most Requested Top 1-3 and getting them interviewed is a great way to do just that.


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