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Buying Ateez songs on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music counts towards the Billboard 200 & Hot 100 Chart. Currently it does not count towards K-Charts.




✓ Buy songs INDIVIDUALLY on iTunes IF the album has 10+ tracks

✓ Buy title track separately and then choose "Complete Album" on iTunes IF the album has less than 10 tracks

✓ If you have already purchased songs on iTunes and want to  stream for a specific song (i.e. comeback title track), in order to stream properly, DELETE the song from your library (you can re-download it later, you won't be charged again)

✓ After removing the song from your library, search for the song on Apple Music.

✓ You'll need to pay for Apple Music or sign up for a free trial

✓ Find the song, and add it to a playlist with other Ateez songs

✓ Make sure there is a "+" or cloud symbol next to the song title (however, depending on your device, there may/may not be a symbol. Just make sure that IF you purchased the song on iTunes, remove the download from your library BEFORE streaming in Apple Music). If you DID NOT purchase the song, there will not be any symbol next to the song.

✓ Add the specific track between every 4-5 songs

✓ Play the entire song

✓ Make sure the volume is 50% or higher

✓ Join Stationhead streaming parties


✗  Don't choose "Complete Album," buy each track separately on iTunes IF the album has more than 10 tracks 

✗  Don't add the same songs back to back in a playlist

✗  Don't lower the volume below 50%

✗  Don't mute 

✗  Don't stream like a bot. Take breaks, pause & play every now and then (to avoid being seen as spam)

✗  Don't stream from the iTunes download file. IF you purchased the song, make sure to delete it from your Library BEFORE streaming it in Apple Music [click here for tutorial]

✗  Don't auto download. Go into settings & turn off Automatic Downloads for Music & Cellular Data


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