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Unfortunately, sometimes on Twitter you will see the group/member(s) name + negative keywords show up in the search bar. This is an issue that should be taken care of QUICKLY and QUIETLY so that the members won't accidentally see it (they have often said they check Twitter and search their names). Report antis, hate, inappropriate twts/accts to @Atz_receipts.


✓ Post positive things about the group/members ONLY

✓ Write tweets with [member name] + [positive adjective]

✓ Focus on writing tweets with the SAME keyword to get it to search trend faster, in individual tweets or a list in one tweet i.e.:

Hongjoong talented
Hongjoong talented

Hongjoong talented

✓ Search up [member name] + [positive adjective] and remain in the search for at least 30 seconds. Do this with multiple adjectives

✓ Focus on RTing similar positive posts

✓ Always CENSOR the member's name (using * or shorthand) if you are talking about negative or sensitive topics

✓ Report and block antis/trolls


✗ Don't post negative or inappropriate things about the members

✗ Don't search up the negative keywords

✗ Don't click on the negative keywords

✗ Don't focus on writing posts with multiple keywords, as it won't be effective, i.e.:

Hongjoong talented

Hongjoong best leader

Hongjoong handsome

Hongjoong cool

Hongjoong best boy

✗ Don't forget to CENSOR or use shorthand when discussing negative or sensitive topics. Avoid using the negative keywords

✗ Don't engage with antis/trolls


@Atiny_support |

@okaeythen |

Please Like/RT/Bookmark the original posts on Twitter for future reference!

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