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Rice wreaths are organized by fans and displayed at event venues to show support for Ateez. Afterwards, the rice is donated to charity. It is possible even for international fans not in Korea to get rice wreaths BUT there are logistics that needs to be worked out. You need to get KQ's approval first, and then order it yourself. You need to provide your own designs & wording (if using fansite photos, get their permission). I don't have experience doing everything on my own, so before event dates, I would recommend seeing if there's any fans on Twitter who live in Korea and are willing to help you organize the approval/orders and work together with them. You can order rice wreaths from Price depends on size of display and kg of rice (ranges from $90-1k+).

Example of a Rice Wreath we organized for Jongho during Ateez World Tour in Seoul. Seonghwa said he saw it in his vlog!

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